Nintendo Switch Dock case

Nintendo Switch Dock case

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Alternate casing for the official Nintendo Switch Dock. Meant to be a more portable and compact way to carry around the electronics needed to hook the Switch up to a screen. Due to recent 3rd party docks causing bricking on the devices, this modification avoids that situation by using the original electronics supplied by Nintendo.

This case DOES NOT INCLUDE the electronics. The case in the pictures shows a Neon Green StrataKB Nintendo Switch Dock case with the optional Tri engraving upgrade and the electronics from the original dock installed.

Assembly instructions

You will have the option of choosing colors after adding to your cart. You will have a choice of color for the Top/Bottom pieces and another for the middle pieces (You can choose the same color for both if you want).

Click Here for color list

The case will come assembled with the necessary screws and standoffs to hold the electronics from the dock in place. You will need to supply the electronics from the dock as well as a USB-C extension in order to connect the dock to the switch


If you want an engraving added to the front of the case, send me an email before submitting your order so I can work with you on putting whatever design you want on the front. Engravings will range from $5-$10 based on complexity


Please email me to coordinate assembly so that we can either drop ship the dock to me, have you ship it to me, etc. Orders for assembly will be sent via paypal invoice in order to adjust pricing based on location and what parts you want shipped back (just the assembled dock, vs assembled dock and original dock empty casing, everything including packaging, etc). Assembly fee will be $15 and will be tested before being shipped out to you.

Timeframe: Currently I can only cut the cases on weekends. ETA for shipment after purchasing will be ~2 weekends.

Build Log/Tutorial will be emailed to customers as soon as its completed. Tools needed: Screwdrivers, small piece of double sided tape, whatever tools you need to disassemble the dock (tons of youtube tutorials on how to do this).

Dimensions: 4.6” x 3” x 1”

If you have any questions just email me!

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